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If there is a product you need that is not listed, call and ask! We have access to many other fruits and produce that we may be able to find for you.

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Product Available Product Available
Apples (20# box or bin)   Nectarines (20# box)  
Mollygold Mid-August Western Sweet Beg-August
Gingergold  Mid-August Spring Pearl (white) Mid-August
Gravenstein Mid-August Flavortop Mid-August
Gala Early Sept Red Gold Mid-August
Golden Delicious Early Sept Washington Pride Late August
Granny Smith Early Sept Fantasia Mid-Sept
Jonogold Mid-Sept Summer Blush Mid-Sept
Red Delicious Mid-Sept  
Fuji Mid-Sept Apricots (20# box) Early July
Honey Crisp Mid-Sept  
Rome Mid-Sept Asparagus (bundles or 25# box) Available Now
Cameo Early Oct  
Criterion Early Oct Pickled Items 100% Natural Available Now
Braeburn Early Oct Asparagus (12 or 26 oz. Jars)  
Pacific Rose Early Oct Beans (12 or 26 oz. Jars)  
Pears (40# box or bin)   Cherries (20# box)  
Bartlett (Red or Green) Early Sept Chelan Mid-June
D'anjou (Red or Green) Early Sept Tieton Mid-June
Asian Mid-Sept Bing Mid-June
Bosc Mid-Sept Rainier Mid-June
  Dark Sweets Mid-June
Onions   Vans Mid-June
Walla Walla 25# Jumbo Mid-Late August Skeena's Mid-June
Walla Walla 10# Jumbo Mid-Late August    
White Mid-Late August Fresh Apple Cider Apple season
Red   Mid-Late August    
Yellow   Mid-Late August Sweet Corn (half bin or bin) Late July
Candy Sweets Mid-Late August    
Peaches - 20# box      
Flavorcrest Late July    
Red Star Late August    
Regina Mid-August    
Donut Early July    
Coral Star Late August    
Cresthaven Late August    
Red Globe Late August    
Elegant Lady Late August  
Flaming Late Sept  
Suncrest Early Sept  
Elberta Early Sept  
Pretty Lady Early Sept    
Angelus Early Sept    
Snow Giant (white) Mid-Sept    
Ryan Sun Mid-Sept    
O'Henry Mid-Sept